Pr Pham Thi Ngoc Yen and  Pr Eric Castelli visited National Institutes of Informatics (NII) of  Tokyo, Japan, from 11 April to 18 April 2013, in the framework of the signed MOU between NII and MICA Institute

During their stay at NII, Pr Pham Thi Ngoc Yen and Pr Eric Castelli met and discussed with:
- Pr Sin’ichi Satoh
- Ass Pr Le Duy-Ding
- Ass Pr Imari Sato
- Pr Yunichi Yamagishi
- Ass Pr Nobutaka Ono
- Pr Philippe Codognet, director of JFLI (UMI)
- Dr Sébastien Poullot (JFLI researcher and also researcher of Pr Sin’ichi Satoh team)
- Pr Henri Angelino, the Head of International Relations of the NII

1) Discussion with Pr Sin'ichi Satoh.
It was agreed to try to implement concrete actions between the MICA “Computer Vision” department and the Pr Satoh team. Now Pr Satoh receives several Vietnamese students and so he used to work with Vietnamese students.
2) MICA Direction mets also Mr. LE Duy-Ding, who is Associate Professor and works on search engines videos (video retrieval, video summarization, semantic representation, machine learning). These topics are also studied by MICA “Computer Vision” dept. researchers.
3) Following the agenda prepared by Pr Angelino, MICA Direction mets Mrs. Imari Sato (Associate Professor). She is a dynamic researcher who makes an interesting and original research on the colors, taking into account the fluorescence. She was interested in the work of MICA Computer Vision team on Tea image analysis (Tea-shoot detection).
4) Concerning Speech processing topic, Pr Pham Thi Ngoc Yen and Pr Eric Castelli mainly discussed with Pr. Junichi Yamagishi. He just joined NII. Before he worked in the CSTR, University of Edinburgh (CSTR = The Centre of Speech Technology Research). Pr. Junichi Yamagishi specializes in voice technologies, especially HMM synthesis. He is currently working on the speech synthesis adapted to the context (hyper-articulated or with spectral changes or with energy re-allocation). He is a partner in "Simple4All" project and is interested in adding the Vietnamese language.
5) MICA Direction also discussed with Ass Professor Nobutaka Ono, who is a specialist in signal processing (speech and music) and especially in "speech ehancement" with multiple microphones and also with "microphone array".
6) With Pr Philippe Codognet, director of UMI JFLI, MICA Direction discussed the development of actions under the Group AURA in 2013.This year's the 3rd AURA workshop will run second half of the month of October 2013 in Tokyo and JFLI is in charge of organizing it. Now AURA Group includes seven laboratories: MICA (VN), JFLI (JP), JRL (JP) LIMMS (JP), IPAL (SG), CINTRA (SG) and LIAMA (CN). MICA will participate in the workshop.
7) Regarding Dr Sebastien Poullot, MICA Direction discussed the possibility to submit a new project to the ICT-ASIA 2013 program.
8) Pr Pham and Pr Castelli sincerely thank many times Pr. Henri Angelino, who has very well organized their stay in NII. His advices have been very helpful. Also thanks to Ms Shiho Iwasawa for her help for administrative points.