Deux chercheurs du Département IPI (Image Processing and Interpretation) de la Ghent University passent une semaine à MICA du 13 au 20 février 2014. IPI est l'un des partenaires du projet VLIR "VIPPA".


(In English...) In the context of the project VIPPA "Visually ImPaired People Assistance using multimodal technologies" under grant number ZEIN2012RIP19, Dr. Luong Quang Hiep and Ph.D Vicent Spruyt of Ghent University visit MICA from 13 to 20 February 2014.
The main objective of this visit is to strengthen the collaboration between MICA and IPI group - Ghent University, an important partner of the project in the domain of image processing, video analysis.

Dr. Luong Quang Hiep currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Image Processing and Interpretation research group (IPI) of the Department of Telecommunications and Information Processing (TELIN) at Ghent University. His main research interests are image
and video resolution enhancement techniques (super-resolution, interpolation, regridding), image and video restoration (deblurring), Time-of-Flight (depth) processing, compressed sensing applications (MRI reconstruction) and document processing.

Vicent Spruyt is currently Ph.D Student in hand detection and tracking for human - computer interaction.

Following are theirs activities the agenda of the visit is described following:
13 Feb 2014: Reception of MICA institute
14 Feb 2014:
   - Morning: VLIR meeting    

        10h-10h05: Introduction (Thanh-Hai TRAN)
        10h05-10h15: General Presentation of the VLIR Project (Thanh-Hai TRAN)
        10h15-10h30: Framework of the aids system for blind people (Viet-Tung NGUYEN)
        10h30-10h45: Environment Modeling (Dinh-Van NGUYEN)
        10h45-11h00: Localization based on WIFI (Trung-Kien DAO)
        11h00-11h15: Localization based on RFID (Minh-Thuy LE)
        11h15-11h30: Vision based localization (Hai VU)
        11h30-11h45: Speech Recognition in a noisy environment (Quoc-Cuong NGUYEN)
   - Afternoon: 2 presentations given by Dr. Luong Quang Hiep and Vicent Spruyt

17 Feb 2014: Discussion with Members of Computer Vision Dept. of MICA institute
19 Feb 2014: Visit Nguyen Dinh Chieu School for Blind Purpils, Applicative partner of VLIR project
20 Feb 2014: Discussion with Members of Computer Vision Dept. of MICA institute
20 Feb 2014: Departure to Belgium