UMI 2954 CNRS (International Research Institute Associating HUT to the National Institute of Grenoble University of Technology, National Center of Scientific Research in France).


MICA Institute is an international joint research unit of CNRS - UMI2954
MICA is mainly affiliated to CNRS/>InS2I and secondary affiliated to CNRS/ CNRS/InSIS

In 2002, the International Research Institute MICA was established under the structure of an international research center. He became an institute in September 2011 with the purpose of contributing and supporting for the development of information technology in Vietnam.

Activity sector

Research and Development (R&D) activities include scientific research, technology transfer and advanced training in the field of information processing (speech, image, human-computer interaction, multimedia communication).

Missions of MICA

  • Conducting high quality R&D activities in multimedia information technologies.
  • Participating in training Masters and PhD Students in the field of Multimedia Processing.
  • Developing multimedia and technology transfer applications.
  • Strengthening the relationship and linkage of the university activities to the socio-economic environment.

Board of directors


From the Vietnamese side

  • Vietnamese Director: Dr Nguyen Viet Son
  • French Co-director: Prof. Eric Castelli
  • Honorary Director: Prof. Nguyen Trong Giang *


From the French side

  • French Director of the UMI: Prof. Eric Castelli
  • Vietnamese Deputy Director of the UMI: Prof. Pham Thi Ngoc Yen


*Professor Nguyen Trong Giang has been President of the Polytechnic Institute of Hanoi since June 12, 2008