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Thank you for visiting my homepage.

I moved to International Research Institute MICA (Multimedia, Information, Communication, Applications),
Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST), VietNam, from Nov., 2012.

For my information, please visit About Me. Related to my  research topics and relevant publications please see on Research Topics and Publications. If you are interested in capsule endoscopy groups or related topics please visit Interested Links .

For further information, please contact with me by E-mail.

Lastest News :

July 2016

- Publication, Research Topics Pages are updated
- Professional Activities Page is updated

Oct 2015

- 2 papers are accepted at SoICT2015
 - Publication page is updated

April, 2015

- 1 paper is accepted at CIS2015
 - Publication page is updated

July, 2014

- 1 paper is accepted at KSE 2014
- 1 paper is accepted at ACVR 2014

- The research page will be updated soon.

May, 2014

-- Publication page is updated

March, 2014

-- 2 papers are accepted at ICPR 2014

May, 2013

-- Update my affiliation

-- a paper is accepted at ICIP 2013

May, 2012:

-- Homepage of an e-learning system ( for Capsule Endoscopy is released. (Japanese Version)

-- Publication page is updated.