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The list of accepted papers is available here: Proceedings


Sunday, 6 May
16:00 - 18:00 Arrivals & early registration
17:00 - Late Welcome event

Monday, 7 May
08:00 - 9:00 Workshop registration
09:00 - 9:10 Opening & Welcome
09:10 - 10:10 Keynote speaker: Pedro Moreno, Google Inc.
10:10 - 10:30 Coffee/Tea break
10:30- 12:30 Session 1 (P1 - P6)
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch
13:30 - 15:10 Session 2 (P7 - P11)
15:10 - 15:30 Coffee/Tea break
15:30 - 17:10 Session 3 (P12 - P16)
18:00 - 18:30 Buses depart for Groot Constantia
19:00 Workshop dinner: Groot Constantia

Tuesday, 8 May
9:00 - 10:00 Keynote speaker: Stephane Boyera, Web Foundation
10:00 - 10:30 Coffee/Tea break
10:30 - 12:30 Session 4 (P17-P22)
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch
13:30 - 15:30 Session 5 (P23-P28)
15:30 - 15:40 Workshop Closure
15:40 - 16:10 Coffee/Tea break
17:00 - 18:30 Wine tasting, Cape Point Vineyards
19:00 - late Dinner

Wednesday, 9 May
7:30 - 14:30 Trip to Robben Island
8:30 - 14:30 Half day Cape Point / Half day Table Mountain
8:30 - 17:30 Full day Cape Point & Peninsula

Additional info

See the technical programme page for more detail on the technical sessions.

This is a preliminary programme. Some of the times are bound to change prior to the start of the workshop (but we'll keep you informed!)

  • Sunday, 6 May 2012: Welcome event
    Drinks and snacks will be served on the wooden decks outside the restaurant at Monkey Valley from 17:00 on Sunday. Dinner - a traditional South African braai - will be ready from 18:00 onwards.
  • Monday, 7 May 2012: Workshop dinner
    The workshop dinner will take place at Simon's restaurant, Groot Constantia, one of the oldest vineyards in South Africa ( Buses depart at 18:30.
  • Tuesday, 8 May 2012: Wine tasting
    The final event on the workshop program will be a wine tasting at Cape Point Vineyards ( prior to dinner at Monkey Valley. The winery is within walking distance (2.5 km, one way) of Monkey Valley, so please bring comfortable shoes if you intend to take part in this event. The weather in Cape Town often includes all four seasons in one day, so please bring a raincoat and/or umbrella along. If it's really pouring with rain, we'll try to arrange transport. If you would like to go wine tasting but not walking, please let us know - we'll make sure you get there.
  • Wednesday, 9 May 2012: Optional events in and around Cape Town
    As has by now become customary for the STLU workshop, a 3rd day after the official 2-day workshop is kept open for delegates to get to know one another better, and enjoy the sites of their host city together. Since there are a multitude of things to do in and around Cape Town, the organizing committee has liaised with Seascape Tours to make a number of different options available. Please select your preference by visiting this doodle.
    Available options:

    • Half Day Table Mountain Tour: (Table Mountain on doodle) - 08h30-14h00 Return trip from Monkey Valley to Table Mountain. Includes return ticket to go to the top of Table Mountain with the Table Mountain cable way. Does not include lunch.
    • Half Day Cape Point Tour: (Cape Point (H) on doodle) - 08h30-14h30 Includes Cape Point entrance fee of R85.00 and Penguins R45.00. Does not include the funicular as we walk up to the lighthouse. Does not include lunch.
    • Half Day Waterfront: (Waterfront (H) on doodle) - 08h30-14h30 Drop off at the Waterfront and then return trip to Monkey Valley
    • Visit to Robben Island: (Robben Island on doodle) - 07h30-14h30 Return trip from Monkey Valley to Robben Island. This trip is very popular and tickets have to be booked and paid for well in advance. If you would like to go, please indicate your preference on the doodle before 20 April!
    • Full Day Cape Point and Peninsula Tour: (Cape Point (F) on doodle) - 08h30-17h30 Includes Cape Point entrance fee of R85.00 and Penguins R45.00. Does not include the funicular as we walk up to the lighthouse. Does not include lunch.
    • Full Day Waterfront: (Waterfront (F) on doodle) - 08h30-17h30 Drop off at the Waterfront and then return trip to Monkey Valley

    General information:

    • More detail on each option is available here:
    • All tours start and end at Monkey Valley
    • These events are already included in the workshop registration cost. (One event per delegate.)
    • For accompanying persons, additional events can be booked and paid for separately. This can also be indicated on the doodle. (Payment can follow at the workshop.)
    • The Table Mountain and Robben Island tours are subject to reasonable weather conditions
    • If you are interested in participating in any of these events, please indicate your preference on the doodle
      The Robben Island option will close on 20 April 2012!


Xueru Zhang, Kris Demuynck, Dirk Van Compernolle and Hugo Van Hamme. "Subspace-GMM Acoustic Models for Under-Resourced Languages: Feasibility Study"

Martha Yifiru Tachbelie, Solomon Teferra Abate, Laurent Besacier and Solange Rossato. "Syllable-Based and Hybrid Acoustic Models for Amharic Speech Recognition"

Tim Schlippe, Edy Guevara Komgang Djomgang, Ngoc Thang Vu, Sebastian Ochs and Tanja Schultz. "Hausa Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition"

Tanel Alumäe and Kaarel Kaljurand. "Open And Extendable Speech Recognition Application Architecture for Mobile Environments"

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Thiago Fraga Silva, Viet-Bac Le, Lori Lamel and Jean-Luc Gauvain. "Incorporating MLF Features in the Unsupervised Training Process"

Karen Calteaux, Aditi Sharma and Gerhard van Huyssteen. "Business Drivers and Design Choices for Multilingual IVRS: A Government Service Delivery Case Study"

Mulu Gebreegziabher Teshome and Laurent Besacier "English-Amharic Statistical Machine Translation"

Audrey Mbogho and Alexander Kivaisi. "Web-Based Corpus Acquisition for Swahili Language Modelling"

Tunde Adegbola and Lydia Odilinye. "Quantifying The Effect Of Corpus Size on the Quality of Automatic Diacritizaion of Yoruba Texts"

Daniel Van Niekerk and Etienne Barnard. "Tone Realisation in a Yorubá Speech Recognition Corpus"

David Imseng, Hervé Bourlard and Philip N. Garner. "Boosting Under-Resourced Speech Recognizers by Exploiting Out of Language Data - Case Study on Afrikaans"

Marelie Davel, Charl van Heerden and Etienne Barnard. "Validating Smartphone-Collected Speech Corpora"

Jochen Weiner, Ngoc Thang Vu, Dominic Telaar, Florian Metze, Tanja Schultz, Dau-Cheng Lyu, Eng-Siong Chng and Haizhou Li "Integration of Language Identification into a Recognition System for Spoken Conversations Containing Code-Switches"

Jon Gudnason, Oddur Kjartansson, Jokull Johannsson, Elin Carstensdottir, Hannes Vilhjalmsson, Hrafn Loftsson, Sigrun Helgadottir, Kristin Johannsdottir and Eirikur Rognvaldsson "Almannaromur: An Open Icelandic Speech Corpus"

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Ngoc Thang Vu, Florian Metze and Tanja Schultz. "Multilingual Bottle-Neck Features and its Application for Under-Resourced Languages"

Hadrien Gelas, Laurent Besacier and Francois Pellegrino. "Developments of Swahili Resources for an Automatic Speech Recognition System"

Herman Kamper, Febe de Wet, Thomas Hain and Thomas Niesler. "Resource Development and Experiments in Automatic South African Broadcast News Transcription"

Roberto Naranjo, Laurent Besacier, Tulio Rojas and Egidio Marsico. "Pronunciation Learning System for 32 Vowel System Of Nasa Yuwe Language"

Dang-Khoa Mac, Eric Castelli and Véronique Aubergé. "Modeling the Prosody of Vietnamese Attitudes for Expressive Speech Synthesis"

Benoit Weber, Genevieve Caelen, Do Dat Tran and Binh Hai Pham "MISTRAL+: Dedicated Tool for Under-Resourced Languages Study"

Karima Meftouh, Nadjette Bouchemal and Kamel Smaïli. "A Study of Non-Resourced Language: The Case of one of the Algerian Dialects"

Mpho Raborife, Sabine Zerbian and Sigrid Ewert. "Empirical Measurements on a Sesotho Tone Labeling Algorithm"

Jaco Badenhorst, Alta de Waal and Febe de Wet. "Quality Measurements for Mobile Data Collection in the Developing World"

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