organisé par le Département "Computer Vision" de l'Institut MICA, en collaboration avec IPI Group, University of Ghent, Belgium, le 10 novembre 2015 à l'Institut MICA


In the context of NafostedFWO project "Geometric scene analysis as a navigational aid to the visually impaired", leaded by MICA and in collaboration with IPI group, University of Ghent, Belgium, a workshop on Computer vision and its application for visually impaired people has been organized in Seminar room, B1 Building, Hanoi University of Science and Technology on 10th November 2015. The content of the workshop covers the current advance in computer vision in general and its application for visually-impaired people assistance in particular. The workshop has featured the talks of researchers from IPI group-Belgium, PTIT-Vietnam, VNU-Vietnam and Computer Vision Department, MICA Institute, and has attracted more than 30 participants.



Time Speaker Title
9:00-9:15   Registration    
9:15-9:30   Dr. Thi-Lan Le (MICA Institute - HUST, Vietnam)   An introduction of Computer vision department and NafostedFWO project
9:30-10:00   PhD.s Michiel Vlaminck (UGhent, Belgium)   Towards online semantic mapping: 3D meets Quasar
10:00-10:30   Dr. Quang-Hiep Luong (UGhent, Belgium)   Project ARIA  (Augmented Reality for Industrial Applications)
10:30-10:45   Coffee break    
10:45-11:15   Dr. Thanh-Ha Le (VNU, Vietnam)   Motion estimation for surveillance video
11:15-11:45   Van-Nam Hoang (MICA Institute - HUST, Vietnam)   NafostedFWO: Stair detection with mobile Kinect
11:45-14:00   Lunch    
14:00-14:30   PhD.s Van-Hung Le (MICA - HUST, Vietnam)   NafostedFWO: 3D object detection for visually impaired people
14:30-15:00   Dr. Thanh-Huong Nguyen (MICA Institute, HUST)   NafostedFWO: Obstacle detection and warning for visually impaired people based on electrode matrix and mobile Kinect
15:00-15:30   Dr. Van-Cuong Pham (PTIT, Vietnam)   Automatic Human Behaviour Monitoring for Healthcare
15:30-15:45   Coffee break    
15:45-16:15   Dr. Trung-Kien Dao (MICA Institute - HUST, Vietnam)   Multimodal person localization
16:15-16:45   Dr. Thanh-Hai Tran (MICA Institute - HUST, Vietnam)   Visually impaired people assistance using multimodal technologies