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Năm học 2014-2015

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Nếu bạn quan tâm đến các đề tài thực tập của Viện MICA
xin vui lòng liên hệ GS. Phạm Thị Ngọc Yến hoặc TS. Eric Castelli theo số điện thoại sau: + 84 (0)4 868 30 87
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Speech processingAssigned
Engineer / Master Building a Subjective Evaluation System for Machine Translation  
Engineer / Master Speech Productoin using an Anthropomorphic and Acoustic Approach  
Engineer / Master SoundIndex: time-alignment of audio and transcription  
Engineer / Master Vowel Recognition by Gesture Modeling of Pseudo-formants  
Engineer / Master Speech Recognition for Vietnamese using Deep Neural Networks (DNN)  
Image and video processingAssigned
Engineer / Master Dynamic Objecti Detection and Recognition in an UAV Image Sequence  
Engineer / Master Feature Extraction from Point Cloud for Simple Object Recognition  
Engineer / Master KinecMultimofal Indoor user Localization using WiFi and Cameras  
Pervasive space and interactionAssigned
Engineer / Master Smartphone for Visually Impaired People in Campus Environments  
Engineer / Master Navigation Guidance in Dynamic Environments for Visually Impaired People  
Engineer / Master Optimization for Path Finding Algorithm in a Pervasice Environment  
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