Hanoi University of Science and Technology
School of Electrical Engineering
Neural network and its application in DSP
Course Instructor:
Dr. Thanh-Hai Tran
Office: Room 1005, B1 Building
MICA International Research Insitute
Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Class time and location:
Lectures: Wednesday 10:15-11:50 in 404, TC Building

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Syllabus, Lectures
These slides base mainly on Neural Network Design Book
Neural network
1Introduction to Neural networks and applications Slide 1
2Mathematic models of neuron and neural network architectures
Slide 2
3Illustrative examplesSlide 3
4Perceptron network
Slide 4
5Objective function OptimizationSlide 5
6Training Perceptron networkSlide 6
7Multilayer PerceptronSlide 7
Slide 8
9Recurrent Neural Network
Slide 9
10CNN - DNNSlide 10