From Master Student

Hello everybody,
After graduating from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, I joined MICA as an MA student. I feel really lucky studying and working at MICA – a place gathering three crucial elements which are essential to nurture young talents: professional environment, great opportunities and big challenges. At MICA, I collaborate with international experts who have a lot of experience of scientific research and I’m really impressed by their precision.
Additionally, MICA has established a prestigious reputation in the eyes of scholarship-granting organizations either in Vietnam and abroad. Therefore, this entails high chances of studying overseas for tertiary education, as a wide variety of grants is provided every year. Of course, these advantages come with major challenges that you are supposed to deal with.
As a MICA member, I strive continuously not to lag behind other colleagues. My advice to you – junior researchers? Set your goal clearly and come to MICA to turn your dream into reality.


From PhD student

I received an engineer degree (2006) and a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (2008) from Hanoi University of Science and Technology. From 2006 to 2008 I worked at MICA Institute as a research engineer where my team-working as well as my language skills improved.
These skills helped me a lot to join into Radio Frequency team where I worked at IMEP-LAHC laboratory of Grenoble INP in France as a PhD student thank to the collaboration between IMEP-LAHC and MICA Institute.It was my first time studying abroad, yet it was not difficult for me because I know how to make friend and communicate with otherpeople without the same mother tongue, this is something which I learned when I was at MICA Institute. I also adapted with my working team at the company.

My PhD scholarship was given by Rhone-Alples region and Multitoll company. My thesis deal to enhance the performance of vehicle identification systems and to design a vehicles classification system by using electromagnetic waves for free-flow electronic toll collection system application. This system allows an automatic payment without stopping vehicles. The advice from the MICA Institute was very useful and helped me to get good results through signal processing, designing a vehicles classification system. My defense was done successfully on March 27th, 2013 in Grenoble INP.