Alan Smith

Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan

Phd Student

Work Experience

Job Title at Company

September 2003 - Present

Lecturer at University of Information and Communication Technology - Thai Nguyen University.

Key Skills

  • Computer Vision; Computer Graphic; Operating System; Multimedia Database.


Phd Student


PhD Student at International Research Institute MICA HUST - CNRS/UMI - 2954 - INP Grenoble.

Domain research: Interactive and multi-organ based plant species identification.

Supervisor: Dr.Le Thi Lan, Dr.Hoang Van Sam.

Master degree in Information Technology


Information Technology Faculity - Thai Nguyen University.

Domain research: Improve the quality of the fingerprint image.

With Dr. Ngo Quoc Tao.

Bachelor's degree Information Technology


Mathematics, Mechanics and Informatics at VNU University of Science VNU

Domain research: Study an image segmentation methods.

With Dr. Ngo Quoc Tao.


Ongoing projects

2015-2017: AUN/SEED-Net project "Medicinal Plant Identification and Collaborative Information System"


In International Conference Proceeding (with review)

1. Le, T. L., Duong, N. D., Nguyen, V. T., Vu, H., Hoang, V. N., & Nguyen, T. T. N. (2015, June). Complex background leaf-based plant identification method based on interactive segmentation and kernel descriptor. In Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Environmental Multimedia Retrieval (pp. 3-8). ACM.

2. Le, T. L., Dng, D. N., Vu, H., & Nguyen, T. N. (2015). Mica at lifeclef 2015: Multi-organ plant identification. In Working notes of CLEF 2015 conference.

2. Submited.