Home Appliance Control System based on Robust Indoor User Localization using Wifi Signals  -   Department PSI

In this demo, a robust Wifi-based localization technique is introduced as the basis of a home appliance control application. This application is a ubiquitous computing extension to existing classical smart-home systems with electrical equipment controllable via a central server, and is designed to address the fact that every appliance requires specific remote control which is not always with the user when he needs.


User-adaptive lighting system -  Departement PSI

In a large-scale perceptive environment, where users are placed at the center, user identification and localization play essential roles. Location information is an important tool for enabling multiple applications, e.g., community settlement planning, traveling, mining, surveillance, monitoring, military applications, and nowadays the development of location-based services (LBS) and engineering.


Visually Impaired People Assistance using multimodal technologies  Departments PSI, SpeechCom, ComVis

In the framework of the bilateral Franco-Vietnamese Hubert Curien/ HoaSen programme, this project aims to elaborate a system using multimedia information (audio, video, RFID) for monitoring in real-time elderly and/or blind person in real house or apartment.


Robot Library service  - Department ComVis

The project focuses on the study of the interaction between the user and a service robot in the particular context of a university library or a public library. One objective of the project was to study the interaction in a Vietnamese context, taking Vietnamese culture into account.


VIVA (Assistant Voix Vietnamienne) - Department SpeechCom

The project goal is to complete our research on speech technology (in three areas: RAP, speech synthesis and speech understanding) in various environments and under platform offering limited resources for portable devices such as smartphones.


Système d'identification de plantes à partir de feuilles pour Android - Département ComVis

 Identifying plants is a challenging task considering the large number of existing species in the world. The inter-species similarity and the intra-species variability make the identification task particularly difficult and time consuming. Our identification system uses a graphical system which reconstitutes the plants using image processing.


Evaluation automatique de feuilles de thé par la technologie avancée de vision de la machine - Département ComVis

 This demo shows how computer vision can be used to improve the manual method. Our automatic system requires only the images acquired from a tea field in order the count tea shoots.