A seminar on ethnic minority languages in Vietnam, jointly organised with the Vietnam Institut of Linguistics, October 26th, 2017.


On the occasion of the signing of the MOU between the International Research Institute MICA and the Vietnam Institute of Linguistics, a joint seminar has taken in Thursday, 26 October 2017 at Institute MICA. The two institutes already have some cooperation in the framework of formation/training activities and research projects. The Vietnam Institute of Linguistics is also one partner of the new national project ““Research and development automatic translation system from Vietnamese text to Muong speech, apply to unwritten minority languages in Vietnam” (2017-2020), leading by the MICA institute.

The main theme of the seminar concerns “Ethnic minority languages in Vietnam”, one of the main current research topics in both institutes. The joint seminar including 3 presentations, concerning both of linguistic aspect and technology aspect, following by a discussion/exchanges about the new Muong project and future activities:
1.    Presentation of Vietnam Institute of Linguistics. By Pr. NGUYEN Van Hiep, Director of Vietnam Institute of Linguistics
2.    Overview of minority languages in Vietnam. By Pr. NGUYEN Huu Hoanh, Vice director of Vietnam Institute of Linguistics
3.    Researches on minority language in MICA institute. By Dr. MAC Dang Khoa, Institute MICA.
4.    Discussion and exchanges