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Computer Vision

    Sites :

       The computer Vision Homepage

       Vision related Books

       Computer vision research groups

       Signal and Image Processing in France

       Information Signals Images and Vision (for jobs)

   Computer vision and Image Processing courses:

       J.L. Crowley, IVR, Grenoble, France

       Frederic Devernay (in french)

       Image Processing Fundamentals


       Other (very intereting courses :)


   Recommanded Books:

      Vision (David Marr 1982), Advances in Computer Vision (Christopher Brown 1988), Computer Vision (Dana H. Ballard, Christopher M.   Brown), Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision (Richard Hartley and Andrew Zisserman, 2004 )



Programming: (Good programmers do not rewrite programs, they assemble them :)

     Books:  Linux programming by example (Kurt Wall 1999 - very clear, good for beginners)





     Jobs: postdoc jobs